Scouts and Guides

Embark on Adventure: Scouts and Guides at Rosemary Model School

Join hands, young hearts, let's take flight,
In Scouts and Guides, our beacon bright.
Through woods we'll roam, and mountains high,
Leadership, service, reach the sky.

In Nature's Embrace: 

Camping, hiking, under stars we tread,
Character forged, in paths we tread.
Scout's oath, Guide's law, our compass true,
In every step, our values imbue.

Leadership's Call: 

In unity we stand, a troop we form,
Leadership blooms, through every storm.
Together we strive, and dreams we chase,
In Scouts and Guides, a noble grace.

Life's Lessons Learned: 

Knots tied tight, in friendship's knot,
First aid learned, in time forgot.
Nature's secrets, whispered clear,
In every step, wisdom's near.

Service's Song: 

In hearts we serve, our hands extend,
Community's call, we'll always defend.
In giving back, we find our worth,
A world made better, through service's birth.

Global Hearts, United Souls: 

In unity we stand, both near and far,
Global citizens, we truly are.
In tolerance, understanding's light,
In Scouts and Guides, our world unite.

Join Our Thriving Band: 

To all who seek, adventure's call,
In Scouts and Guides, you'll find your all.
Newcomers welcome, veterans too,
In Rosemary's embrace, dreams come true.

Contact Us: 

To soar with us, to join our flight,
Contact us now, in day or night.
Together we'll journey, hand in hand,
In Scouts and Guides, let's take a stand.