Our Labs

At RMMS, we believe in the power of experimental learning. Our school laboratory plays a crucial role in providing students with hands-on experience, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge and develop critical scientific skills. Here's why our laboratory is an essential part of our educational approach and how it it benefits out students.


With a range of manipulatives and resources, the lab fosters a deeper understanding of abstract mathematical ideas, making learning both engaging and accessible. It's a place where theory meets practice, paving the way for creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills to flourish.


Biology lab is an engaging space for students to dive into the world of life sciences. Supported by advanced equipment and skilled mentors, they dissect, analyze, and observe the intricacies of biology. It's a hub for discovery, nurturing curiosity and inspiring future scientists.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab is a vibrant hub where students dive into practical experimentation. With top-notch equipment and expert guidance, they explore chemical phenomena firsthand, honing their laboratory skills and deepening their understanding of chemistry concepts.

Physics Lab

The physics lab at our school is a top-notch facility, equipped with modern tools and maintained to the highest standards. Students explore physics concepts through hands-on experiments and demonstrations, guided by experienced faculty. It's a dynamic space where theory meets practice, fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Computer Lab

Providing students with access to digital resources, software applications, and internet connectivity, facilitating computer-based learning activities and research. Supervised by trained instructors, computer labs support the development of digital literacy skills and enhance students' ability to engage with technology for academic and practical purposes.

Montessori Lab

A Montessori lab is a specialised space in educational institutions, mainly in Montessori schools, designed for hands-on learning using age-appropriate materials. It fosters independence, concentration, and problem-solving skills through self-directed exploration. Trained educators guide students as they interact with these materials to support their individual growth and learning.