Extra Curricular Activities

At Rosemary Model School in Tirunelveli, we believe that education extends beyond the classroom. Our extra-curricular activities are designed to enrich the learning experience, foster creativity and promote holistic development. From sports and arts to clubs and competitions, our students have a wealth of opportunities to explore their interests and discover new talents. Here's how you can breakdown categories for a school's extra-curricular activties: 
  • Chess
  • Silambam
  • Skating
  • Karate
  • Western Dance
  • Carnatic Music
  • Keyboard

ECA   classes

At Rosemary Model School, we believe that extracurricular activities are an essential part of a well-rounded education. They provide students with the skills and experiences that compliment their academic journey, helping them become confident, creative and compassionate individuals. . We invite all students to explore our wide range of activities and find the ones that resonate with them.