Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct represents an unspoken understanding between Parents and Rosemary Model School.

Your children spend approximately 8 hours a day with us during regular hours. Education, however, is not confined to the classroom alone; it's an ongoing journey. We urge parents to actively engage in their child's education. Co-operation with teachers is vital. While a reasonable amount of homework is assigned daily, we encourage parents to establish regular study times, supervise assignments, and foster a reading habit early on.

Parents are requested to ensure their children dedicate at least an hour in the morning and two hours in the evening to study. Only with parental cooperation can the school facilitate the holistic development of the child.

Parents/Guardians are kindly asked not to disrupt classes. Daily checks on the online day planner are essential. Ensuring children attend school in full uniform with neatly groomed hair is essential. Encouraging participation in school activities is highly encouraged.

Attendance at Parent-Teacher Meetings is mandatory. Social functions, outings, and pilgrimages should be scheduled on non-school days. Timely payment of school fees is expected.

Following tests and examinations, progress reports will be issued promptly and must be signed and returned without delay. Those requesting Transfer Certificates after 31st March will incur additional charges.

Rules are formulated to maintain decorum for the benefit of students. Self-discipline, integrity, and good manners are pivotal for success.

Maintain open communication and a healthy relationship with your children. Discuss daily events and offer counsel when necessary.

At Rose Mary Model School, we cherish our dedicated and supportive school community. Staff, governors, parents, and carers acknowledge that educating our children is a collaborative effort. We expect our community to respect our ethos, maintain cleanliness, and set a positive example in behavior, both on school premises and during school visits.

This Code of Conduct outlines expectations regarding the conduct of parents, carers, and visitors associated with our school. We're committed to resolving issues constructively through open dialogue. In case of difficulties, please approach your child's teacher or the Headteacher for resolution. Persistent issues should be addressed through the school's complaints procedure, particularly via an E-Mail. Suggestions are welcome.

Behaviour that will not be tolerated includes disruption of school operations, inappropriate conduct, offensive language, threats, damage to property, and aggression. The school reserves the right to take appropriate action, including contacting authorities or imposing bans on offenders.

Thank you for upholding this code. Together, we create a positive environment for our children, staff, and visitors. The outlined misconducts may result in disciplinary action against students, including irregular attendance, lack of attention, disobedience, poor manners, malpractice, excessive social media use, and bullying.

In case of breaches, proportional actions will be taken against parents, carers, or visitors. Let's exercise caution in our online activities and social media usage. Together, let's nurture our future leaders.