Welcome to Rosemary Model School,

Where history's tales intertwine,

With diverse souls, student and faculty alike,

In our commitment, a balanced path we find.

Academics, strong and resolute,

Challenge and reward our scholars bright,

In a world where technology's swift pursuit,

Shapes minds, with knowledge as their light.

Behold our Digital Classrooms,

A beacon in the digital age's dance,

Each student, equipped, in learning's fab,

With tools to wield, and skills enhance.

Here, we forge the leaders of tomorrow,

With confidence, they navigate life's swell,

Prepared to face each joy and sorrow,

With discipline, analysis, and creative spell.

In our halls, empathy and integrity reign,

As students engage, with hearts sincere,

In service, arts, athletics, they attain,

A balanced education, ever near.

With caring teachers by their side,

In collaboration, learning finds its flight,

College preparation, a mere guide,

To heights unseen, in knowledge's light.

Rosemary Model School, a beacon bright,

In our curriculum, diverse paths unfurl,

In academics, arts, and service's flight,

Our students thrive, as they unfurl.