At Rosemary Model School, we are dedicated to enriching the educational experience of our students. We firmly believe in providing them with opportunities to delve into their interests, hone new skills, and build lasting connections with their peers. Our dynamic selection of clubs reflects this commitment, offering a diverse array of activities tailored to cater to the unique passions and talents of our students.

ECO Club: Immerse yourself in the world of environmental advocacy and sustainability with our ECO Club. Through hands-on projects, eco-awareness initiatives, and community engagement, members of the ECO Club champion environmental stewardship and promote a greener future.

Astro Club: Embark on an astronomical journey of exploration with our Astro Club. From celestial observations to discussions on space phenomena and exploration, members of the Astro Club delve into the wonders of the universe, igniting a passion for the cosmos.

Tamil Club: Celebrate the rich heritage of Tamil culture with our Tamil Club. Through language immersion sessions, cultural festivities, and literary endeavors, members of the Tamil Club deepen their connection to our cultural roots and embrace the beauty of the Tamil language.

English Club: Dive into the world of literature and language with our English Club. Engage in stimulating discussions, literary analyses, and creative writing pursuits that foster a deep appreciation for the written word and nurture linguistic prowess.

Maths Club: Sharpen your mathematical acumen and problem-solving skills with our Maths Club. Through captivating puzzles, interactive workshops, and collaborative projects, members of the Maths Club embark on a journey of mathematical discovery and innovation.

Each of our clubs is meticulously designed to provide a supportive environment where students can explore their interests, develop their talents, and form meaningful connections with like-minded peers. Whether you're passionate about environmental conservation, fascinated by the mysteries of space, intrigued by language and culture, captivated by literature, or enthralled by mathematics, there's a club for you at Rosemary Model School.

Join us as we embark on a journey of exploration, growth, and camaraderie. Together, let's unlock the full potential of every student and cultivate a vibrant community where passion, curiosity, and friendship flourish.

ECO   club

Welcome to the Eco Club at Rosemary Model School, where we're dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet. Our Eco Club is a vibrant community of environmentally conscious individuals committed to fostering a greener, more sustainable future.

Through a range of hands-on projects, educational initiatives, and community outreach programmes, members of the Eco Club actively engage in environmental conservation efforts. From tree planting and waste reduction campaigns to recycling drives and eco-awareness events, our club members lead by example in advocating for environmental responsibility.

Join us in our mission to protect and preserve the natural world for future generations. Together, let's make a difference and create a healthier, more sustainable planet for all.

Tamil   Illakiya   Mandram

At Rosemary Model School, we are passionate about preserving and promoting Tamil culture, language, literature, and traditions among our students. Our aim is to instil a deep appreciation for the rich heritage of Tamil Nadu and encourage students to embrace their cultural identity.

Through a variety of engaging activities and initiatives, students at Rosemary Model School immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of Tamil culture. From captivating dramas and soulful Tamil poetic songs to vibrant celebrations of traditional festivals, our students actively participate in preserving and showcasing the essence of Tamil culture.

One of the highlights of our cultural programs is the preparation of Heritage foods. Students lovingly prepare authentic Tamil dishes from their homes, showcasing the culinary delights passed down through generations. These Heritage foods are then shared among students, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie while celebrating the culinary traditions of Tamil Nadu.

English club

At Rosemary Model School, we understand the importance of effective communication skills in today's interconnected world. That's why we offer a variety of programs aimed at providing students with a platform to develop and hone their communication abilities.

Debates: Engage in lively debates on topics of societal relevance, where students learn to articulate their viewpoints, listen actively, and construct persuasive arguments.

Role Play: Step into different roles and scenarios, allowing students to explore diverse perspectives, enhance empathy, and develop improvisation skills.

Speech Competitions: Showcase your oratory skills and command the stage with confidence in our speech competitions. From prepared speeches to impromptu talks, students have the opportunity to refine their public speaking prowess.

These programs not only enhance student's verbal communication skills but also foster critical thinking, empathy, and self-confidence. By actively participating in these activities, students develop the essential communication skills necessary for success in both academic and professional pursuits.

Maths club

Maths clubs at Rosemary Model School provide an exciting opportunity for students to delve into the world of mathematics outside of the traditional classroom setting. We believe in fostering a love for mathematics and promoting the development of essential skills that extend beyond textbook learning.

What We Offer:

Problem-Solving Skills: Engage in stimulating math puzzles and challenges that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical reasoning.

Teamwork: Collaborate with peers to tackle complex mathematical problems, fostering teamwork, communication, and cooperation.

Creativity: Explore the creative side of mathematics through brain teasers and innovative problem-solving approaches, encouraging students to think outside the box.

Deeper Understanding: Dive deeper into mathematical concepts and principles, gaining a comprehensive understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts.

Session Activities:

  • Math Puzzles: Exercise your mathematical prowess with a variety of challenging puzzles and brainteasers designed to enhance problem-solving skills and logical reasoning.

  • Brain Teasers: Stimulate your mind with thought-provoking brain teasers that encourage creative thinking and strategic problem-solving.

  • Mental Maths: Sharpen your mental arithmetic skills and improve your ability to perform calculations quickly and accurately through fun and interactive activities.

Join our Maths Club and embark on an enriching mathematical journey filled with exploration, discovery, and growth. Whether you're a mathematics enthusiast or looking to enhance your mathematical skills, there's something for everyone in our Maths Club at Rosemary Model School.