Our school aims to maximize individual potential and through our core values ensure all students are empowered to meet the challenges of education, work and life in a rapidly changing global environment.

Our school provides a stimulating and safe learning environment with innovative and responsible teaching.Each classroom offers engaging and culturally-relevant curriculum that builds on students’ interests and abilities and offers an enriched learning environment and a comprehensive system of supports to address the needs of the whole children.

Our school is a diverse and inclusive school community, committed to academic excellence and integrity.



Our students have full potential, developing self-confidence, self-awareness and self discipline to take increasing ownership for their learning.


Our students can make ethical decisions, confident, competent communicators, skillful in problem solving, capable of creative thinking; have a career motivation and global knowledge.




Our teachers love of learning and civic engagement by challenging and supporting every stundent to achieve academic excellence.


Our teachers strive for our students to be proficient in all curricular areas and provide instruction in a caring, safe and healthy learning environment, responsive to each student.


We invite you to learn more about our academic offerings, here on our web site. Do not hesitate to contact us  to get more information. 


We are happy to provide more information on our programs.

Our School

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Rose Mary Model School. We understand that you have many choices for your child’s education, and appreciate your consideration of getting to know us too.

It is not an easy task to strike the appropriate balance between the best and the old. This task becomes even more difficult in a school like Rose Mary Model, which is the best in absorbing the latest technologies in upgrading the teaching learning tools as well as adhering the old principles of morality, culture and heritage.

Rose Mary Model epitomizes vibrancy and freshness, dovetailing much of the ethos of the new Indian Education system into its educational program and philosophy. Privately managed, the school is a secular co-educational one integrating into its curriculum concern for the environment, the spirit of community service and international peace and brotherhood.

We have been blessed with achievement and success for over more than a decade. Yet it is essential to delivering our mission that we continue the practices and traditions that have defined the school and created a culture of excellence while we also nurture an environment of innovation, improvement, and creativity.

The school considers every student as a unique gift of God and has a proactive approach to student welfare. Students are encouraged to respect the rights of others and to take responsibility for their actions and behaviour and be self-disciplined. The school is fortunate to have a supportive parent community.

Our school has 24*7 camera surveillance. Allows to monitor and protect school students with a video surveillance system. Outdoor surveillance cameras in parking lots can help, protect students  and staff when they are leaving school late or arriving early and also discourages break-ins and vandalism during school hours.