At Rosemary Model School's Higher Secondary level,

Paths of learning, diverse, they unveil,

Group-I, with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology,

A foundation strong, for scientific inquiry.

Group-II, in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science,

A realm of logic and digital essence,

Group-III, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science,

Exploring life's mysteries, with technological reliance.

Group-IV, Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, and Computer Application,

Navigating the realms of commerce, with digital innovation,

Group-V, Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, and Business Maths,

Equipping minds for financial acumen's math.

Our faculty, seasoned, in knowledge's embrace,

With dedication, they guide, and hard work they grace,

With district toppers, our record shines bright,

In their journey, from dawn 'til night.

Students of Rosemary, with confidence they stride,

Prepared for life's challenges, with courage by their side,

In medicine's pursuit, and engineering's prestigious domain,

They soar high, with aspirations unrestrained.

Rosemary Model School, a bastion of learning's might,

Moulding students for futures, brilliant and bright,

With confidence, they face life's trials and quests,

Guided by knowledge, in their hearts, they invest.