Playing as a part of the band or ensemble teaches teamwork, as well as how important an individual contribution is to a group.

In addition to being able to play a musical instrument and create music, musical instruction also teaches Rose Marians other skills that are important in life.

  • Practicing the instrument of band for a set amount of time teaches Rose Marians
  • Self-discipline and good habits.
  • Learning  new notes and the ability to complete full songs improves Rose Marians self-confidence.
  • Rose Marians  learn how important it is to be reliable and to make sure that they are fulfilling their part.
  • Ensemble experience also builds teamwork.
  • Band members or choristers learn the importance of being a reliable member of a group and are educated as to the importance of being a team player and not necessarily always “the star.”
  • Participation in music ensembles also promotes responsibility.

To practice the instrument of band every Tuesday and Wednesday the classes are conducted