Kinder Garden


Our pre-school is divided into three stages .

  • Pre Kindergarten (PRE-KG)
  • Lower Kindergarten (LKG)
  • Upper Kindergarten (UKG)


Rose Mary Model Preschool’s philosophy is designed to assist,teach and guide the child through experience, example, and instruction. Our continuous task is to develop the “whole child”, including mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.
And so, a child in Rose Mary Model Preschool would be able to:

  • Reason, choose and think, not just count
  • Speak with comprehension, not just recite
  • Communicate, not just write words.
  • Learn to read out of curiosity and enjoyment.
  • Experience art with creativity and joy, not just colour in a pre-drawn whale.


Rose Mary Model has a especially designed curriculum E – LEARNING  to teach specially English and Math with our regular tool – SMART CLASS for the subjects English, Math and EVS. 


In today’s complex world, children’s futures are determined by their ability to master the basics of reading, science, math and computers.

Rose Mary Model Multi Sensory E-Learning focuses on activating all senses as much as possible. Children take in information through their senses. They learn what they see, hear and do.

The kinesthetic, auditory and visual stimuli provided by the manipulation of the multi sensory e-tool and the multimedia software responses afford access to the content to students with multiple learning styles. This is Multi Sensory E-Learning  is such an effective learning tool that it stimulates learning with innovative approach.
What is the specialty of Multi Sensory E – Learning in the Rose Mary Model  Buds classroom learning?
Quite naturally the difference is inevitable.

  • Helps to increase student’s interest in learning
  • Brings better concept clarity
  • Helps to save learning time
  • Increase retention level and reduce cramming
  • Supports effective learning
  • Throughout the learning process