Middle School

We hope that current RMS students and parents as well as those considering the school in future will find the information in this section of the website helpful.

Here in the middle school, we believe these years to be crucially important for students, a time of change and a time for increased independence in their learning. Reflecting these changes, our program in the middle school is both challenging and creative, developing the skills and understandings needed to meet the demands of high school while continuing to inspire enjoyment of and thirst for learning.

We are conscious of how rapidly technology is changing our world and as such it is vital our students are exposed to what is current and become adapt at using the latest tools for learning. We are confident that our labs –Science,Robotics,Ramanujam maths lab- in which every student is equipped with individual kit and teachers integrate a wide range of applications in the teaching and learning process, will help ensure that students are well prepared.