We believe that truth, honesty, frankness and sincerity form the foundation of education; that opportunities are endless, but the goal is one; striving for excellence.We believe that we need to come together to be sensitive to the community we live in, to love, to serve, to lead, to integrate and to move forward and a Rose Marian is trained to face the world with a positive attitude and confidence.


Rose Mary Model is guided by a mission to prepare every single child for the challenges of a world driven by change, more than ever before. .A Rose Marian is the proud inheritor of an exemplary legacy of a rich, many-hued tradition and “The Clear Stream of Reason”. As they step out from the portals of the school into the larger world outside, Rose Marians emerge as free, confident, caring creative, young citizens ready to take on spiritedly, the challenges that await them. This, in essence, is the substance of our mission and philosophy.


We aim to provide an environment where excellence is encouraged, where students are challenged in their learning and develop capabilities that will support them and prepare them for life and so A Rose Marian can be a better person and better neighbour.


Our school motto is “BLESS US TO BE A BLESSING”.