High school

Welcome to RMS High School. We hope that current RMS students and parents as well as those considering the school in future will find the information in this section of the website helpful.

At RMS you will a find a school with a rich history, a diverse student and faculty body and a commitment to providing a balanced and exciting education.

We have strong academic programs that are challenging and rewarding for our students.

We are very conscious of how rapidly technology is changing our world and as such it is vital our students are exposed to what is current and become adapt at using the latest tools for learning. Our newly implemented Advanced Robotics Lab in which every student is equipped with an independent kit and teachers integrate a wide range of applications in the teaching and learning process, will help ensure that students are well prepared.

The high school is a place where the students are prepared to navigate a complex and dynamic world with self confidence and determination, embrace challenges with discipline analysis and creativity and engage others with empathy and integrity.
One of the hall marks of the upper school experience is found in the way engaged and caring teachers and administrators work collaboratively to provide an environment where rigorous college preparation in just the starting point
Rosemary model school’s distinctive curriculum offers both core courses and elective opportunities where students can choose independent work from academics, athletics, the arts and service. Our unique class schedule combines traditional learning periods with those of varying length, to allow more intensive study and multiple approaches to learning.