Techno Cracker’s Club and Rose Budding Scientist Awards 2017.

Our school has realized the need to identify the students with a potential to think out of the box in the area of science and technology. Such individuals need a platform to exhibit their talents and sharpen their skills. The Techno Cracker’s Club is a forum for such emerging scientists where they can share and exhibit their talents with likeminded people. This club is open for students from class V-IX. Students with real thirst for science and technology can join. It is an open club with no limits set for your creativity.

To begin with, the school would like to present the Rose Budding Scientist Awards 2017 for such hyperactive buddies in the field of science. The rules are simple to contest in this Award program.



·        Enroll your name in Techno Cracker’s Club.

·        Present your Idea/Innovation/Concept/Model/Experiment in a form of hand written report in A4 Sheets not exceeding 3 pages.

·        The presentation can be in any school of science.

·        You can portrait the design of the models/experiments in the report.

·        The presentation should be of your own idea, simple or complex / small or big.



·        The papers will be validated by a team of teachers to check the genuineness.

·        25 papers will be selected from the pool and an expo will be arranged to exhibit the papers.

·        Selected ones must bring the samples/models/Experiments/papers and display them during the expo.

·        At the end of the expo, a team of teachers and students will validate and select the best paper for awards.