Children are blessing from the lord.With these blessings also comes responsibilities.Parents and teachers are responsible for helping children grow physically,intellectually,emotionally and spiritually.We at ROSEMARY MODEL have a responsibility towards this all around growth of our students.It is mandatory that every student  be a member of atleast one club from the clubs available at Rosemary.Club activities are conducted alternate saturday with aim of providing an environment in which students are safe,are taught at an age appropriate level,and are encouraged to develop their talents which might have gone un-noticed.

Eco club

Summary of the event on 16-08-2014

In Eco Club,we told Students the importance of trees in our day to day life.Through a skit we explained about planting trees and gardening can be a lot of fun!.Then,we went on a school ralley and...
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Quiz club

Soft Skills club

Summary of the event on 16-08-2014

The club started with the welcome speech by Davidson Paul manuel of class IX.VII girls gave speech about body language.The next event was a skit on negative body language was performed by VII Girls.Then there was a Dumb Charades game was conducted by Sylesh,Aashiq,lokesh of class IX.VII Boys...
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English Literary Club

Tamil Literary Club

Food club


 The winner of this week is ECO CLUB