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            Aspirations reflect individuals' ideas of their "possible selves," what they would like to become, what they might become, and what they do not wish to become. Realizing aspirations requires the investment of time, energy, and resources--both from the young person and from others .The extent to which communities mobilize such support bears on the quality of life--both among students and among adults. A similar observation applies to realizing career or employment aspirations. In short, conditions in the community interact with the imaginations of students as they realize their aspirations.

Entrance Exam Coaching:

Engineering Entrance Exam Coaching - IIT - JEE

Medical Entrance Exam Coaching - NEET

Early Lead Foundation courses for classes IV - IX

Our school aims to give good coaching by trained teachers to the students and produce top results in all engineering and medical entrance exams. Teaching methods include study materials, comprehensive method of assessment and providing solutions.


Our school is training students on Undergraduate(UG) medical aspirants, giving a pre-degree experience by means of foundation programme in school level.

What is foundation  programme?

In today's world, to achieve the mark of professional graduate from any best university a student must have an in-depth knowledge on science and maths. To achieve this, a student should be trained with expertise; by creating a confidence with strong understanding capacity the foundation programme helps every student accelerates their potential to solve any gate exams across the globe.

        One aspects of the foundation  program for IIT JEE/NEET etc. focuses on preparing students on each topic to a level of detail that helps them to fully understand the fundamentals effectively and in a much shorter span of time. As a result, students are able to devote more time on practicing more complex problems in each subject area to develop a complete command on the key concepts.

        We have three decades of experience in education. Our capabilities of teaching, counseling, career guidance, training and evaluation will be strong foundation to the institution thus benefits students. Our unique approach of tutoring the contents for NEET & IIT JEE synced along with the school curriculum with interactive and conceptual methodologies gives a comfortable learning environment for the students.

        Our motto is to encourage and entertain the students with innovative and interactive learning methodologies instead of stressful monotonous grind system. Our teaching methodologies are unique blended with Mind maps, Mnemonics, Interactive and Conceptual Teaching.

The work structure:

1. Understanding concepts and applying

2. Overcomes Learning difficulties

3. Analyzing and Assessments methods sharpens students with better knowledge

4. Improving presentation skills

5. Learning with know-how? Factual

6. Breaking fear myth of exams

7. Improving Learning gaps

8. Improving IQ and concentration

9. Stress free learning

10. Motivation to set and achieve goals.

Our Curriculum Embedded Foundation Program works with syllabus prescribed for lower classes only in Science and Maths.

1. It is taught with conceptual methods, regressive examples and ensures the students with proper understanding of concepts.

2. Application of concepts in their pertaining syllabus of science and maths is carefully taught with exclusive examples.

3. We give them multiple situations for every single concept and get them more analytical.

4. Psychometric tests to narrow down their career choice.

5. We give them confidence by showing the opportunities for average/below average / topper based on their ability as every student has their own     talent. Doing this every student gets a right placement with a career target based on their potential and work continuously to achieve it.



The course will provide the fundamental building block of the IIT JEE / NEET and other competitive exams syllabus, along with the preparation of NTSE Exam. It is a wonderful opportunity for all students and must be exploited to its fullest. Working to develop a sound foundation for an exam like IIT JEE / NEET requires getting into appropriate level of detail of the subject matter along with a strong focus on performing well at the exams.


Core preparation on professional Entrance Exams like NEET / IIT – JEE . The syllabus is based on NCERT pattern.


Competitive Exams

Professionally qualified and trained teachers for competitive exams to enhance student's knowledge.


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