Social Networks

Face book-Affecting the children

  1. Face book has now become a possible  hunting  ground for paedophiles.
  2. There has been killers like Peter Chapman, in the UK, Who used face book and other social sites to get close to teenage victims.
  3. Many parents have concerns even about teenagers being exposed to everything that is on there.
  4. These social networking sites were created by and intended for adults. The content is adult.
  5. There is  also a predatory behaviour, exposure to content, and exposure to people that children should never get exposed to.
  6. Face book  been at the heart of serious political  campaigns.

Social networking sites distracting the children:

  1. A study has  pointed out that the children who spend much of their time online find it harder to concentrate in class.
  2. They are permanently distracted and have shorter attention spans.
  3. Using social networking and other non-educational sites are affecting the grades of the youngsters considerably.
  4. At some cases even the parents are not aware what their children are doing online.
  5. Children aged 6-11 spend an hour a day on face book and twitter .
  6. Children under 15 have never known a world without  the internet. It has revolutionized how they communicate.


  1. Web site blocking options for parents- This ensures home safe from internet service provider.
  2. At home it is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children.
  3. Parents should not permit their children to browsing centres.
  4. Should not offer a private lap top/ smart phones with net connection.
  5. Children must be only offered with a Desktop placed in the living room, where the parents could easily have an eye on the monitor or the content displayed in the web.