Student’s Welfare Club

The Students Welfare Club is an outcome of a revolutionary and pioneering effort of our RoseMary Model School. The objective of this club is to stand against the social evil which diverge our student community on this days.  The recent changes in our National Capital clearly vindicates that our Young India is yearning for Leaders with high moral standards. Professionals and intellectuals can make a nation rich, but the citizens with high moral values alone can take their nation to the Super Power status.


To sustain the Club Activity, a structure has been formed, but the real motto of formation is “for the students by the students”. The teachers will be there to help only on the back hand. The members and office bearers will closely work with the students on the grass root level to understand and identify the current evils of any nature. They will discuss and debate on the issues in a forum and find the possible solutions to eliminate the issues by their own. This system of working will surely pave an opportunity to develop the leadership qualities among our students.


If our student community has the self healing mechanism by its own, any current or future social evil can be quarantined on the day 1st itself. We the management, teachers and parent community is dreaming for that era in our Nation and wants that to begin from our school campus.