Students' Life @ RMMS

Rose Mary Model School has always been aware that besides academics Rose Marians also need activities for the development of body soul and mind. In fact we are well aware of the importance of appreciation of aesthetics for the development of the soul.

The Rose Mary Model  School is committed to providing a healthy place for young Students to thrive both in the classroom and beyond.
Students have leadership opportunities every year they are at the Rose Mary Model School, and students are encouraged to get involved in  Leadership positions - such as leading a student club, being a member of the Student Club. 
Weekend activities are planned by our school and a student committee.


The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) has completely transformed the education system in schools. In CCE, non-academic skills, once rejected by parents and students, are being valued as co-scholastic activities holding good weightage. This has brought an overall change in students’ performance as academics is not the only parameter for evaluation.
In Rose Mary Model School the CCE is an opportunity for students to become engaged and involved their education outside of their academic courses.  The focus of the program is to foster learning and development that compliments a students’ classroom curriculum as well as encourages them to become involved in a variety of co-curricular experiences.
CCE program has defined 9 categories for students to explore and investigate as a way of developing their own skills and abilities.

  •     Leadership Development

  •     Career Foundation

  •     Communication Skills

  •     Social and Cultural Understanding

  •     Personal Development

  •     Community Service and Service Learning

  •     Your ROCK Engagement

  •     Appreciation of the Arts

  •     Ideals and Beliefs

Club Activities and Rose Marians
There’s always something to do on our campus!!

  •     An atmosphere of relaxation,

  •     A way to let off steam,

  •     A way to stay involved in an activity or

  •     Just another way to get to know the world out of syllabus

We try to provide a variety of activities to suit many different interests. The clubs are not only for the most competent, but also for those who just want to have a different learning style.