Soft Skills Development Club


To mould the members of the club to think out of the box from their subjects.

To develop and cultivate the leadership skills and traits among the members.

To bring them a highly confident and spirit filled individuals to face the highly competitive world.

To develop the overall personality of the members through all possible ways and means.


Common Rules:

§  Students of grade V to IX can join as a member in any club as they wish.

§  Club members are enrolled with a prerequisite to abide the rules of the clubs.

§  After the formulation of the clubs, the members of each club should select one Club Secretary and three Club Evangelists among themselves through election/nomination in a democratic way.

§  The Club Activities should be conducted strictly in the order as designed by the Club Coordinators without any deviation.

§  During each club gathering, the names of the participating members & non-members, activities in order and suggestions received shall be recorded by the designated member as Club Recording Secretary for future references.


Club Rules:

·        Club activities should mainly focus on developing the personality of the members and non-members in all possible ways and means. The members can be involved and trained in group discussions with interesting topics on economy, lifestyle, science, arts, games, sports, technology, education etc.

·        The club can encourage the members to participate in debates to think out of the box from their subjects. This will help them to improve their language, confidence level and general knowledge. The topics may be chosen from the current affairs.To develop this skill, the members can be encouraged to watch live debates on politics, social issues etc in prime TV channels such as NDTV, Times Now, IBN.

·        The club can give importance to the Role Play events for their members. The participating members can assume the role of the National Leaders, Diplomats, Entrepreneurs, Social Reformers and Politicians etc to express their views on a particular incident or decision. This will surely open new avenues for the members to think in a broader and futuristic perspective.

·        The club can train the members to perform compering for shows, events and functions. They can also train the members in news reading to modulate their voice.

·        If possible the club can publish handwritten magazine or news letter with the contribution from its members, to sharpen their writing skills. 

·        Decision making is another pivotal skill that is highly required in all span of our life. The club can give equal importance to improve the decision making skill by giving case studies in different areas.