Quiz Club


To educate the members and non-members and their parents about the Importance of cultivating the competency of the students to participate in Quiz competitions.

To help the members and non-members to improve their IQ through various brain teaser/puzzle games.

To educate the members and non-members about the importance of acquiring General -Knowledge and English vocabulary.

To train and equip the members systematically to participate in quiz competition conducted in intra-school and inter-school levels.


Common Rules:

§  Students of grade V to IX can join as a member in any club as they wish.

§  Club members are enrolled with a prerequisite to abide the rules of the clubs.

§  After the formulation of the clubs, the members of each club should select one Club Secretary and three Club Evangelists among themselves through election/nomination in a democratic way.

§  The Club Activities should be conducted strictly in the order as designed by the Club Coordinators without any deviation.

§  During each club gathering, the names of the participating members & non-members, activities in order and suggestions received shall be recorded by the designated member as Club Recording Secretary for future references.


Club Rules:

·        Club activities should mainly focus on creating awareness about acquiring General Knowledge in various fields, to improve the reading habits, educate the members to watch TV Channels such as NGC, Discovery, BBC etc to gain interest on science and various fields, ways to improve vocabularies through puzzles, watching debates in NDTV, IBN and Times Now etc, to know more about Mega Quiz events such as Tata Crucible, Spell Bee US and India etc,.

·        The evangelists and members can use any creative methods to reach the non members to share their ideas.

·        During each club gatherings, they can organize quiz competition for members on different age groups, to show video of Mega Quiz Competitions and Spell bee archives, to organize brain teasing games, puzzle games among members to induce their interest.

·        The club can invite Quiz Masters and the winners of quiz competitions to know more about Quiz.

·        The club shall allocate time for intensive reading session during their gathering to see that all their members are really into the business.

·        The club can source flash cards and aids for their members whenever they are in need.