Eco Club


To educate the members and non-members and their parents about the Importance of valuing the God Created Nature and its goodness.

Educate them with the possible ways to love our environment through our simple deeds.

Help them to avoid, harming and polluting our environment.

To educate the members, non members and parents to preserve our environment for our next generation.


Common Rules:

§  Students of grade V to IX can join as a member in any club as they wish.

§  Club members are enrolled with a prerequisite to abide the rules of the clubs.

§  After the formulation of the clubs, the members of each club should select one   Club Secretary and three Club Evangelists among themselves through election/nomination in a democratic way.

§  The Club Activities should be conducted strictly in the order as designed by the Club Coordinators without any deviation.

§  During each club gathering, the names of the participating members & non-members, activities in order and suggestions received shall be recorded by the designated member as Club Recording Secretary for future references.


Club Rules:

·        Club activities should mainly focus on creating awareness about the God Created Nature, Environment and its goodness, about Pollution, Green House Effect, Importance of Ozone Layer, CFC, Plastics and their impact on human beings and nature, recycling and reusing plastics, e-waste, entropy and global warming, water and fossil fuel scarcity, non-conventional energy, Eco Tourism, Energy Audit, Green Energy Certification. Power saving tips and Energy Star Rating etc. to the members, non-members and parents.

·        The members should be the role models to others in following the Eco-Friendly activities during their school days and at their homes.

·        The evangelists and members can use any creative methods to reach the non members to share their ideas.

·        During each club gatherings, they can organize presentation on Environment related issues by displaying models, video presentation etc.

·         The club can invite Environmentalists, Scholars those who are working on Eco Friendly Projects as their chief guest whenever possible.

·        The club can plant saplings with the help of Government or NGOs in public or private areas.

·        The club can conduct training classes to make articles and useful products with the help of domestic wastes such as paper, plastic carry bags and bottles, kitchen waste etc.

·        The Club can sell Energy Efficient Blubs, Recyclable Plastics, Eco-friendly Shopping Bags and Organic Foods and organic manure to members and non members by displaying the carbon emission/energy efficiency/environmental friendly information of the products.