Club Activities

For the Academic Year 2014-15, we have planned to launch Eight Club Activities for our students that are designed to mould their personality in different dimensions. All these activities will help them to gain confident and acquire leadership traits to face the highly competitive environment. Moreover, all these activities will motivate the children to think “Out of the Box” from their class room subjects, which obviously broaden their views and help them to think differently and creatively.

Name of the Clubs:

1.      Food Club

2.      Eco Club                                                                                 

3.      Quiz Club (Brain Teasers/puzzles/play with words)                                                                          

4.      Soft Skills Development Club

§  Role Play

§  Debate

§  Group Discussion ( to enhance out of the box thinking)       

§  Decision Making  ( react to the situation)

5.      English Literary Association

6.      Tamil Literary Club                                                                

7.      Techno Crackers Club

8.      Student’s Welfare Club


Execution of Club Activities:

·         A major part of our time on alternate Saturdays is reserved to engage our students in the above said Club Activities.

·         Club activities are opened for all the students from Grade VI to IX. Any student can enroll his/her name in one or more clubs.

·         Any non member of a club is permitted to watch/attend the club activities when he/she wishes.

·         We have appointed “Club Organizers” for each clubs to ensure the liveliness of the clubs throughout the Academic Year.

·         These Coordinators are responsible for designing and execution of the club activities within the set forth parameters.



·         The names of the Club Organizers are

o   Food Club                                           

o   Eco Club                                                                     

o   Quiz Club                                                        

o   Tamil Literary Association                                                                                                                

o   Soft Skills Development Club                         

o   Literary Association - English                        

o   Techno Crackers Club                                    

o   Student Welfare Club

·         Each Organizer will mutually coordinate with the class teachers of the above said grades to muster the students to join in the Club Activities.

·         Class Teachers have to motivate the students to join in the Club Activities.

·         After the formulation of the clubs with members, each club will select one “Club Secretary” and Three “Club Evangelists” to execute the “Club Week” activities and to pass the message of the clubs to Non member students and parents in all possible ways.

·         The Club Coordinators will design and plan the activity for the Club Week program on Mondays and discuss the same with class teachers. The approved plan for the “Club Week” will be placed in the “Club Notice Board” on or before Wednesday of every concluded Club Week.

·         The Club Coordinators must ensure that the Students are trained for the Club Week activities by and through the class teachers.