For a 21st century student, hands-on science learning is a necessity and not an option.

Our students need to be prepared for jobs that don’t yet exist. That’s why a problem-solving and innovative mindset is essential. We need to equip the next generation for what’s to come, so that they can keep up with the demands of our ever changing world.

Rose Marians always find a fascinating way of learning  new areas with a well defined curriculum that  shapes a truly holistic educational experience, one that both fortifies and seamlessly integrates with the existing school curriculum .

And so Robotics Lab is set to meet their needs.

What is Robotics?

Robotics can be defined as the science or study of the technology primarily associated with the design, fabrication, theory, and application of robots. While other fields contribute the mathematics, the techniques, and the components, robotics creates the magical end product.

How does it help Rose Marians?

If students generate their own ideas in a student-centred classroom, they need the freedom to be physically active in the search for scientific knowledge. Physical explorations not only make the concepts more tangible but also appeal to students’ diverse learning styles. If students are physically involved, they are more apt to be mentally engaged.

That’s why Rose Marians of class IV and above are given a chance to explore , experiment  and enjoy learning in the Robotics lab.

With focus on Robot building and Science based activities, our learning methodology takes up innovative and challenging ideas and converts them in to solutions in the form of working robots or engaging science experiments

Our world-class programs transform traditional classrooms, communicating science and technology concepts sing attention-grabbing, interactive learning styles.



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