Hands on Science Lab

In Rose Mary Science lab, the students learn better as they are motivated, involved and connected with the learning. Every student is unique. We ensure that all students connect with one lesson and one style with experiences and explanations. The students are provided with tools which is a complete package of learning aids designed to support teacher in connecting with every child in the class room. The learning tools involve all the senses of the students in learning process.
For age group 3to 7 years a series of interactive touch-read books that makes the stories come alive and prove ideal is available. scroll or touch on the fact and images of the book pages with the help of a pen-shaped  audio tool, as it ‘talks’ and emits voices  and noises. It inculates the orientation of self learning, stimulates auditory and visual learner’s senses.
 For age group 8 and above the lab has wide range of concept stimulators that facilitate activity based learning while making it an enjoyable experience. The students are made to assemble various curriculum based scientific concepts in the form of activities. By this our students nurture inherent creativity and analytical skills. This encourages to experimentation, exploration and spontaneity among students




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