The tiny tots of Rose Marians learning style varies from the other grades.

E-learning kit for Rose Mary model school kids is a medium with the outstanding potential of spreading a wave of education and literacy.

Rose Mary Model has adapted new technology that greatly assists our teachers in their tireless endeavors of preparing gifted Rose Marians and thus doing justice to the great intelligence of our little Rose Mary Model Buds.


What difference does e-learning bring to the buds of Rose Mary Model?

  • Rose Marians learn new – life skill oriented things with fun, joy and happiness.
  • E-learning is colourful with plays, games, songs, and sports.
  • E-learning uses a structured approach that emphasizes learning by doing.
  • With E-learning tool children ages 3 to 6, learn English and Math.
  • Children learn with exciting pictures, music, animations, and games that encourage collaborative work and make learning meaningful, successful, and a concrete social experience.
  • By promoting hands-on, direct interaction with the content, E-learning kit encourages children to generate their own set of rules and models, which then become such an effective  basis for further learning experiences.
  • E-learning tool focuses on activating all senses as much as possible. Children take in  information through their senses.
  • They learn what they see, hear and do.
  • How do the buds of Rose Mary Model learn in the e-learning environment?
  • Working in small groups, the children sit around the e-learning sensory panel.

Activities included are:

  • Topic presentation, i.e. letters or vocabulary are introduced in a visually exciting format including sound and animation.
  • Practice through interactive activities using pictures, animation and sound to reinforce learning.
  • Consolidation of skills through games, songs, chants and rhymes.
  • Revision through games.
  • Shared learning provides opportunities for discussions, empowers students by giving them responsibility for their own learning, and fosters critical thinking skills.



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